Arri Alexa EV Plus 16:9

  • 120 FPS High Speed & Anamorphic Desqueeze


O'Connor Ultimate 1030HDs Fluid Head - 46Lbs

  • O'Connor 25L 2 Stage Legs


Sigma 18-35mm t/2 PL Zoom

Sigma 50-100mm t/2 PL Zoom

Tokina 11-16mm t/3 PL Zoom


Arri FF4 Follow Focus

  • 19mm Studio/15mm Light Weight, LT RT Knobs, Extension, Whip


4x5.6 Clamp On 2-Stage Matte Box - Wooden Camera

  • 4x5.6 Tiffen White Water ND 3, 6, 9, 1.2


Arri MB-15 6x6  Studio 4 Stage Matte Box

  • Eyebrow, 2 French Flag Sides

  • Hard Mattes

  • True Pol - 6.6x6x6 Schneider


Small HD AC7

  • 2x 10" Noga Cine Arms


6x Anton Bauer Dionic HC Gold Mount Battery

  • Anton Bauer LP4 Charger

  • Anton Bauer Shark Fin


Sound Devices MixPre D

Teradek Bolt Pro 300 SDI

  • 1x TX

  • 2x RX


Panasonic 17" Directors Monitor w/yoke mount


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and now wilmington, nc 2018