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2x 575w HMI Fresnel (Additional)

2x 1x1 Bi-Color Litepanel (Additional)

1x KinoFlo Diva 400 (Additional)

1x KinoFlo Diva 200 (Additional)

1x 2k Studio Junior Solar Spot (Fresnel) (Additional)

1x 2k Zip Light (Soft Light)

1x 2k Mighty Mole (Open Face)

2x 1k Mickey Mole (Open Face)

2x 1k Baby Solar Spot (Fresnel)

1x 650w Teenie (Open Face)

2x 650w Tweenie (Fresnel)

1x 200w Midget (Fresnel)

2x 200w Mini Mole (Fresnel)

1x Magic Gadget Flicker/Fire Box (Additional)

8x C-Stand

4x 3 Riser Beefy Baby Stand

2x High Roller

2x 3 Riser Grip Head Combo

4x Baby Kit Stand

1x Duckbill

4x Jaw End Cardellini

2x Baby Plate

2x Double Header

1x 9" C-Clamp

2x Gobo Head

1x 40" Head and Arm

1x 20" Head and Arm

2x Junior to Baby Spud Adapter

2x Scissor Clip

5x Safety Chains

4 4x4 Floppy

1 4x4 Diffusion Frame - Opal

1 4x4 Diffusion Frame - 250 1/2 White

1 4x4 Diffusion Frame - 216 Full White

1 4x4 Diffusion Frame - Lite Grid

1 18x48 Floppy (Meat Axe)

1 2x3 Opal Diffusion

1 2x3 250 Diffusion

2 2x3 Flag

1 2x3 Single Net

1 2x3 Double Net

2 18x24 Flag

1 18x24 Single Net

1 18x24 Double Net

2 12x18 Flag

1 12x18 Single Net

1 12x18 Double Net

1 8x8 Overhead Frame

1 8x8 Solid

1 8x8 Ultra Bounce

1 8x8 1/2 Grid

1 8x8 Green Screen (Additional)

1 4x4 White/Silver Foldable Bounce Board

1 2x4 Silver/Bead Bounce Board

1 Pizza Box silver/Bead Board

2 Full Apple Box

4 Sound Blankets

14 Stingers in Crate

2 1k Hand Dimmer

16 Sandbags

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